#ThrowbackThursday Track of the day

My Thursday ThrowBack Track of the day. Snoop Dogg ft Pharell - Drop it like its hot! TUNE!!! Might have to play this one on Saturday…!!

If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.

Albert Einstein
Meet the Morning Crew! @djspexuk @jocelynmerry + myself @jessien23

Meet the Morning Crew! @djspexuk @jocelynmerry + myself @jessien23

Jermaine Riley Interview on 89.6 Westside fm

1/3 of the former band Fundamental Jermaine Riley drops by the Westside Fm studios for a chat with myself and KG. Here his insight into the state if RnB, Nathan’s recent X factor stint and check out his new mixtape available for FREE DOWNLOAD 10.11.12 http://jermaineriley.bandcamp.com/album/ten-eleven-twelve

6 month update….

Wow has it real been 6 months?!!! So much has happened since and so much to say. But to sum, I have been presenting with @1taketv, an online n a+ r company showcasing the talents of UK’s unsigned acts. I have also been radio presenting with @ox105fm and @westside_fm which is amazing! Catch me with The Morning Crew myself, Dj Spex and Joc on ox105fm via tunein radio app (free download) Monday to wednesdays from 7- 10. Find me on Westside fm again on tunein radio 89.6fm on Thursdays and Fridays. ALSO I have my own show on ox105 on Saturdays from 2-4 so get involved and request a track as I have a request line too! But that’ll be it for now, will be doing song/album reviews on here too so keep following!!

The movement continues….

So, mixed emotions on the weekend. Was so excited about filming for bantr.tv BUT the rain prevented us from going out! :’(

However in the afternoon, I had my FIRST casting audition for Snobbish Tv and LOVED IT! fingers crossed I get some good news from them. Got on with them really well they told me I did a great job (massive confidence booster!)

And on Monday I also had my FIRST photo shoot with Adam Fussell, an up and coming photographer who has already snapped the likes of Labrinth and Tinchy Stryder - so I was in good hands! Dont believe me? check out www.adam-fussell.com

So the movement continues, still looking out for presenting opportunities so if you see hear anything, let me know!

He who dares to dream wins

WHAT A WEEK… pt 2!

Wow oh wow. What a start to the week! So all is confirmed with bantr.tv to start filming passionate football fans ahead of the weekend’s fixtures. Cannot wait to get a bit of banter out of them!! will post stills and footage when I can.

Secondly a dear friend and the definition of ‘who dares to dream wins’ motto entrepreneur¬† Matthew Montack has blessed me with the hook up at Gaff.tv with the interview happening sometime next week. His contacts has also extended to professional photos again due to take place next week. It’s amazing having a network of people who believe in you, not only that, they are your friends too. Matt Mot you wont be forgotten - Thank you x

Thirdly I also have a casting day with Snobbish TV! which is very exciting! never been to one so do not know what to expect. But it was being me that got the audition so I guess all I have to do is be myself again :)

Will keep you all posted on the latest and greatest in this journey.

He who dares to dream wins x


Firstly, I just want to congratulate Stephen Sedgley for completing the London marathon in 4 hrs after injuring his knee 2 weeks previous. Came through so much adversaries to finish. True inspiration, great warrior and born champ.

Shout out to my mates for going down to support, sorry I couldn’t be there but the love for the boy was immense!

Thank you…..

WHAT A WEEK! Soooo nervous showing people what I have been working on over the past few months so I closed my eyes and hit send! Turned out to be a pretty good move with over 1000 views in 3 DAYS!!! in the world of Biebers and all that it may mean nothing but to me it means so so much. Because of you wonderful people I am going to be filming a segment for Bantr tv - a social networking site for football fans -¬† approaching the public outside football grounds on match days in the attempt to get good banter out of them! CAN’T WAIT!

So it’s a start people, a start which you all helped me get so a massive THANK YOU to all who have viewed my show reel and I owe you all a drink!

A friend once told me ”Even a journey of 1000 miles starts with a single step” so journey has now begun

He who dares to dream wins xx


Aspiring Presenter

I’ve had such overwhelming support with my show reel and I just want to thank anyone and everyone for watching. For those who haven’t seen it, check it out!